(Children and Adults)


Signifies the Heaven, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Tae Kwon Do Progresses.

Pattern or Poomse:

TOI-GYE (37 movements) is the penance of the notes scholar Yi Hwang (16th century A.D.), an authority on Neo-Confucianism. ┬áThe 37 Movements refer to his birthplace on 37 degree latitude and the diagram (+-) represents “scholar”.

Kicking Techniques:

  • 180 degree Jumping Spinning Hook Kick
  • Jumping Double Axe Kick
  • Triple Side Kick
  • Triple Round House Kick
  • Combination of All Kicks

Combination of Punches and Blocks:

(Adults Only)

  • Upset Finger Tip Low Thrust
  • Outer Forearm W-Shape Block
  • Knife Hand Low Guarding Block
  • Black Fist High Back Strike (Low Block)
  • X-Fist Pressing Block
  • Double Low Pushing Block
  • Flat Finger Tip High Thrust
  • Back Fist High Strike (Lower Outer Forearm Block)

Self Defence: Movements and Applications

  • Confirm with Sabuhnim

Bag Work and Target Training

Free Sparring


  • Meaning of TOI-GYE
  • How Many Movements in TOI-Gye
  • Movement Application
  • Description of Techniques and Stances

Board Breaking:

(Technique will Vary)

  1. Practice Training-the instructor will let you know your techniques 2-4 weeks in advance.
  2. Surprise Training-the instructor will let you know on the test day.
  3. Breaking will be either regular breaking, power breaking, speed breaking and special technique breaking.