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Courtesy-Integrity-Perseverance-Self Control
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Welcome to the official website of Winning Circle Martial Arts. For more than 25 years, Winning Circle has been a part of Kanata community and committed to helping men, women, and children of all ages discover the endless possibilities that come from the study of Martial Arts. Whether you are looking for self defense, self discipline, self confidence, or just a highly-energized aerobic workout, Winning Circle Martial Arts delivers. Here we provide a challenging, but fun and safe environment. All students are introduced to life philosophies with the goal of establishing harmony with oneself and ultimately with others. We teach our students to live by the tenets of Taekwondo: "Courtesy", "Integrity", "Perseverance"and "Self-Control". At Winning Circle Martial Arts, we strive to teach strong and sound Taekwondo fundamentals and essential life skills. Come and see what we are all about.



Founder and Master Instructor
Eric is a 7th degree Black Belt and a 2X Gold medal World Champion. Our Master has a long history of working with children, adults and professional athletes. His Taekwon-Do training, coupled with his education and health and fitness experience, makes Eric a natural choice for our Master Instructor & Owner at Winning Circle.


Omar is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, a Head Instructor and a Certified Personal Training Coach. His passion for Martial Arts and Fitness goes beyond the ring. His philosophy of compassion and commitment is demonstrated through his teachings and his students.


Jesse, a 4th Dan Black Belt Instructor has collected numerous medals during his Taekwon-Do career including earning the distinction as 2005 Canadian-North American Champion, Mens’ 3rd Dan Sparring. Jesse loves teaching and sharing his knowledge of the art with all his students.


Pierre is a fifth dan black belt in martial art. He is a certified instructor from the Bujinkan, a Japanese school of Ninjutsu in Japan. The Ninjutsu training group is very friendly and easy going atmosphere and always look forward to welcome new members.


Gary Eikenberry is a 6th Dan Black Belt, began offering street safety and self-defence training in the 1970’s while teaching in Syracuse University’s Social Science Program in Non-violent Conflict and Change, combining conflict theory and conflict and crisis management concepts with basic martial arts.

Brendon Taylor

After School Program Coordinator
Brendon has been at Winning Circle for 5 years. He is a black belt with a degree in political science at Carleton university. He loves working with the after school kids and plays a big role in running the After School Program. He recently has been teaching English in South America and is fluent in Spanish as well.